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ITS Alert - Convincing Phishing Scam Sent to Penn Staters - Mimics PNC Bank Alert


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Convincing Phishing Scam Sent to Penn Staters - Mimics PNC Bank Alert

Last updated on January 4, 2013 at 11:28AM

Late last night through early this morning, an email message mimicking a PNC Bank alert message was sent to most, if not all, Penn State email addresses. The "From" header of the message showed it being sent from "PNC Bank <>," or a variant thereof, with different letters showing up in-between the @sign and The subject of the message was "PNC Bank Alert: Important Account Notice."

This message was, of course, a phishing scam. The links in the message lead to a site that looks very much like a PNC log-in page, but entering account information there will provide one's PNC user ID and password to scammers who will likely use that to gain access to your bank account(s).

Always be wary of email messages that supposedly warn you of trouble with an account, and DO NOT trust links in email messages. Manually enter a known good address for a website in your browser or contact an institution via a published phone number to check on your account.

More information on this particular scam may be found at the ITS SOS website. Since we advise against clicking on a link, for further information manually type the following into your browser:

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